A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

What to do in Yogyakarta 4D3N

Have not updated in ages, did not even update my recent trip to Krabi too.

Very very lazy these days, all i want to do is to watch my Korean drama and variety shows but i think now would be a good time to just get the update done with.

On a yearly basis, my and fam will grab a chance to travel oversea together, just to explore the world and also to bond better la. As we are older now, we have so little time with our parents, eldest sis is working overseas and i live with my boyfie, 45 mins away from home, returning only on weekends.

We decided on a 4D3N stay at Yogyakarta, there were a few things that I wanted to include in my itinerary but did not have the time but overall 4D3N was not too short, neither was it too long.

I flew in at around 11+AM but had to wait for sis to arrive directly from Singapore at about 12+. Our driver, Agus and his helper, Pak greeted us at the airport. Let me just give you an idea on how i came across Agus's service.

In January, i was browsing through Facebook, just looking up on places to visit in Jogja as the trip was approaching, just so happened, i stumbled across this person (Ivy) who mentioned, if anyone is looking for transportation services, do drop her a PM. I clicked into her FB page and discovered that she was from Penang, i dropped her a message very hesitantly because i was afraid that it might be a scam or something, turned out, faith really brought us together la. She is fantastic, so super friendly.
She is a dentistry student in Jogja, met her up on my 2nd day in Jogja over beer and finger food. Once again, she is so friendly and bubbly. Furthermore, Agus's service was AMAZING!
Please drop me an email if you are looking for transportation services as well @ samantha.tew@hotmail.com. I will try my best to return the email asap.

Agus charged us about IDR 2,200,000 for 4 days, no mentioned of hours, so even if you need him to bring you around after 8 hours of services, i don't think there us a problem. Pak and Agus both speaks English, we had no problem conversing with them. Because the service was so good, each of us topped up RM25 each and gave it to Pak on the last day. No complains on spending that extra RM25.

Once Steph arrived, Agus brought us to a nearby restaurant for lunch, the route to the restaurant was a little dodgy but the place looks pretty.

Day 1 Lunch - Kali Opak Resto, fulfiling food, a good start to our Indonesia food journey. :)

Once we were done with lunch, we head to

1. Prambanan Temple - never been surrounded by so much stones in my life, the craftmanship was amazing! How did the ancient people managed such beautiful architecture with so minimal technology. To begin with, the stones are huge and heavy, how was it moved around?
Amazing, simply amazing!

Oh, did i mentioned that i felt like a celebrity in Jogja, the locals keep asking me for a pic, i really have no idea why.. Ivy told me in Jogja, there is no such thing as racism, you are either an Indonesian or a FOREIGNER. With my big black hat and fair skin, i probably look like a Japanese or Korean to them. Fam kept telling me better not take picture la, they are worried of black magic, so i was very selective with who i take pic with... wtf. Only took with children! HAHAH

2. Ratu Boku Temple - to see the sunset. We didnt managed to get a good glimpse of the sunset thought cause it was rather cloudy on that particular day. What a waste! The entrance ticket came with snacks. Choice of Fried rice, fried noodle or Fried banana for food and drinks they have Coffee, tea or Teh botol. Food was rather salty but nice but i wasnt in the mood to eat. Noticed that on my 1st day of travel, i usually have trouble eating. Probably the body is still trying to get accustom to the new environment.

Ended Day 1 with just 2 location. We took a stroll at night right outside where we stayed. Hotel Gallery Prawirotaman, lovely hotel with lovely staff but it rather quiet in that area, once we walked out to the main street, were greeted with bars and also road side stores. Had chicken satay and a bowl of mie bakso! I have a new found love for Mie Bakso, i was always wondering if i should give it a try cause i have read of countless warning on not eating road side food in Jogja or i might end up at the toilet throughout the day, still very hesitant when mum ordered a bowl, first taste sent me to heaven. So so good! Food was so simple but it tasted really good! :) and most of all, it's cheap.

Day 2
1. Merapi Jeep Tour - a bumpy ride up the active volcano mountain to see the remnant of the previous eruption. Had a good butt massage for sure, was quite afraid that i might end up falling off the jeep for real. I was being quite gungho at the beginning of the ride, standing and all, i almost fell. FML
There isn't much to see up there, just the aftermath of a volcano eruption in a small house, it's like a museum now.

These are the leftovers from the animals, they couldn't save everything. =( Poor thing.

Don't you think, this piece of huge rock has a pair of eyes, nose and mouth? Creepy isn't it!

Had to grab one with a red jeep! The colour stands out among us.

Buah Salak also known as snake fruit, it's my 1st time trying it, tasted so good. Gives of a sweet taste of honey. Had to be extremely careful while removing the skin, might cut your finger if you'r careless. I bought 1KG home, but the fruit turned rotten on the way home, needs to be kept in a cold area. =(

2. Lunch at Pak Tejo - Had the best Mie Bakso in my life!!!!! I ordered both Mie Bakso and Mie Soto but Bakso won hands down! Am craving for it so so badly even until today. This place is on the way to Borobudur Temple, recommended to stop by before you go to Borobudur if you are visiting in the afternoon.

3. Borobudur Temple - the reason why we decided to go to Jogja! This magnificent temple is a UNESCO heritage site. Even though it's all stones, but i love this place so so much. It's so beautiful, it allows me to appreciate live even more, grateful for whatever i have atm.

Kept wondering how was this site built from scratch without proper machine?

The carvings were magnificent but many of Buddha's head has fell off, i reckon that you go visit this site quickly before things gets worst!

Temple Run.. hehehe

View from the top. :)

These are the stupa, bell-like structure.

4. Bumbu Desa - dinner for day 2, some one recommended us to visit this place, we went there without any proper research, was quite lost when we 1st saw that dishes were all displayed at the counter, giving off the vibe that this might be a buffet. All of us freaked out a little, turns out, what you had to do was to choose and pick which dish you would like to try and they would prep it before serving it to you. We ordered a whole bunch of dishes but bill only came up to not more than RM150. It's freaking cheap man!

A large variety for your eyes to feast first. hahah

 Our spread :) yum yummy

Day 3

1. Cave & River Tubing - Started off the day by visiting Goa Pindul for cave tubing and then 5 mins away for river tubing! :)

It's something i was really looking forward too cause it looks and sounded very fun and it did not fail to disappoint, we had lotsa fun just chilling on out tube.

I did a 5M dive as well. Check out the video at the end to see my dive. hehehe

Entering the cave. There were so goddamn many ppl seriously, we had to queue to get into the cave. So many people were talking, end up not hearing anything from out guide! =(

Lotsa mini bats hanging above

2. Pine Tree Forest - you can totally skip this place, there wasn't much to see to be exact, it was quite disappointing. Took a few photos then we left.

4. Paris Beach - last destination before we head home, were supposed to catch the sun set but we were too tired to wait any longer, was only around 3+ when we arrived at Paris Beach, we just hang around for little, took a 15 mins ride on an ATV.

ATV was fun but was't fast enough to satisfy my extreme hunger.

5. Shopping for grocery :)

Day 4 (Last Day)

1. Keraton Yogyakarta - It's a palace and serves as a cultural centre as well. Took so many pictures of whatever that is stored in this palace. Basically every corner also i stopped and take a picture la. LOL

Nothing much to see if you are not into museum related stuff. HAHAH

Oh, you need to pay RP 1,000 - RM0.30 to bring your camera in. Don't have to pay if you are using your phone.

Certain area, visitors are prohibited to enter!

 Took the frame below because i think the front row girl look like my sister! hahahahahahahahhahahaha

2. Taman Sari Water Castle - we did not had much time at this attraction, were rushing back to the hotel to bath and then check out. =(

Only managed to snap this 3 pictures before we had to take off.

3. Ibu Suharti Ayam Goreng - It's a freaking MUST to visit this place. The fried chicken is one of a kind. NOT EVEN JOKING. Saved it for last day because we will defy pass this restaurant before arriving at the airport.

Had a fantastic time in Jogja! People are extremely friendly :)

Ending the post with a pic of the sunset caught from the plane.

Don't forget to watch the video below, heheh

Signing off,
Samantha Tew

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