A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 11 December 2017

Things to do in ROME (Day 1)

Hello Earthings, this will not be the last of my Europe trip, trying to be as detailed as i can because I know the only way for me to remember in the future is to read back on my travel posts.

Anyway, lets begin. Our train from Spoleto to Rome Termini arrive at around 4PM+, with our super duper heavy luggage and many many bottles of Sagratino wine, we walked towards the exit to hail a cab. The distance from Rome Termini to our hotel was only a 5 mins ride away but i doubt with this crazy heavy luggage we can manage to walk or the metro la. 
Cab wanted to charge us 25 Euro for a freaking 5 mins ride, i told him off "it's too expensive" so he reduced it to 20 Euro and then finally 15 Euro. 15 Euro still dont make sense but whatever la. 

We book this hotel name Hotel Versailles, it was cheap and also not very very far from major attractions. 
The guy at reception was extremely friendly, a very old man which told us what are to see around and how to get there. So so friendly but we only met him once, the remaining of our stay there was facilitate by this cleaner lady who could not speak or understand a simply word of English and looks a bit grumpy! Was very annoyed because if you work in a place filled with tourist shouldn't you at least learn a word or two. Words that are frequently used by tourists. 

Anyway, we encountered our 1st problem when we arrived at the hotel, we booked a double room, a bed each but the hotel mixed up our booking and end up giving us a single bed only. The old man, he could switch us to another hotel but the though of carrying our hugeass heavy luggage put the idea off. So we just made for with a single bed for the night. 

After that, we went out to explore our nerighbourhood, found a Carrefour nearby, didnt purchase anything though cause we knew we could easily get water off the tap everywhere. Water is very very clean and chilling due to the weather.

Anyway, we walked around and stumble across this bistro filled with people, ended up it was only a pub for people to drink and not to dine. Food tasted horrible!

Not to forget, Italian have their dinner very very late, like 9PM kinda late. It's a habit many Italian picked, no idea why. This was what Michela told us.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel to catch an early night, was too tired from all the exploration in Spoleto.

Day 2, rise and shine! We were ready to know what could Rome offer us. We were supposed to wake up at 7.30AM to catch an early bus to Vatican Museum because i purchase my ticket online for the earliest slot at 8AM but we only woke up at 8AM and arrived at almost 9.30AM. But we had no problem entering the museum though even though we were late.

Catch a bus which cost us Euro 1.5 for a one way trip.

Past by Piazza Venezia and saw the National Museum of Palazzo Venezia. Had to snap a pic from the moving bus.

While walking towards the Vatican Museum, we past by the St Peter's Square where the St Peter's Basilica was situated. There were a huge crowd with barrier placed around. We stopped to ask a Polizi what we happening? And they told us that Pope Francis is making an appearance today. Shelley got so excited =.=" She say she want to see Pope Francis, yes i know he is a very influential man but he is just like any other man to me.

Do you know what was my first thought when i saw the immense number of people? Terrorist attack, of course i didn't say it to Shelley, didn't wan to jinx it. I just wanted to quickly make my move but Rome's security is extremely tight, the entire 5 days when we were there, there were army with their military vehicle stationed within 5 miles radius with solid guns. Not very surprising because Rome is the hub of Christinity and the amount of tourist going in and out of Rome on a day to day basis is a lot.

With the help of google map, we finally arrived at VATICAN MUSEUM in Vatican city. Didn't know that Vatican City is a state of it own, it is by far the smallest in terms of area and population.
Vatican Museum is a art museum filled with collections of arts, sculptures and masterpiece from the Renaissance era. For someone who loves history, we spent appx 5 hours in the museum itself, going through each and every single piece of the descriptions of the art and in between, googling up on things that we didnt understand.
Purchase my ticket from this site Vatican Museum Online with a Euro 4 surcharge, which amount to Euro 20 per entry. The crowd wasn't very very bad that day though but we did not want to risk it.

A map as too how we should explore Vatican.

First stop, the Pinacoteca. Read it wrongly at first glimpse; Pina Colada. LOL

This was the first piece that caught my attention. Apparently this was a re-make version, the real one done by Micheangelo is placed in the St Peter Basilica.

This piece is also often known as Pieta, Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus. I am never someone who is into Christianity but this piece hit me hard. It would hit any mum hard, having your flesh and blood in your arms death. =(

A Vatican Museum tip: get a audio guide or an actual guide to walk you through this museum. Sorry Shelley, i was being a cheapo but i regretted not getting a audio guide, I would have learn a lot more with little help. Please don't save up on the Euro 4 if you are really into knowing the history.

The remaining are just lots and lots of pics.

Pretending to look like an expert. LOL

An angel which lost it's wings.

Came across a Stupa that can be found in Yogyakarta. :) Refer this : 4D3N in Yogyakarta

This spiral stairs leads you to the exit. We ain't done with Vatican yet!

Are these real carriage used back in the days? It's very high.

Fancy cars!

We hopped on to the Egyptian section. By now, i was too tired to read further, so i was just looking at visuals and also touching them.

This my friend, is a real preserved mummy! Scary max! Juts imagine it coming to life at night. LOL

Then we have the Greek section.

I was very impatient to reach the Sistine Chapel already, it fetch like a never ending to this museum.

As we walked further, we started noticing more and more painting on the ceiling. It's definitely not easy painting on a ceiling with the head literally tilted more than 45 degree and to ensure that those people standing the ground could make out what you were trying to depict in your painting. It's just beautiful, so so beautiful, every single piece of it.

This space makes me feel like i was at Mount Olympus during the Gods' meeting. lol

Please observe the painting on the ceiling. Not Shelley. HAHAHAH.

This, my friend is a stolen pic at the Sistine Chapel, got shot down right away after the pic was taken!
Shelley shot me a disguted look also when i stole this pic, she said please dont be so uncivilized le, ppl say no pics means no pics la BUT I CANNOT HELP IT K! I HAVE BEEN WAITING ROM THE VERY START FOR THIS, i need to at least bring smtg home with me. I feel like i was from the mainland China or a rebellious child when i took this pic. LOL.

I swear, i did not want to leave the Chapel. Was awed by the detailed painting. I feel like i didnt absorb every single detail during that 5 - 10 mins there. sighhh
We had to be extremely quiet in the Chapel but obviously with the amount of people in the Chapel, how can it even be quiet? LOL

That conclude our Vatican tour.

View from the bottom of the spiral stairs.

We made our way towards St Peter's Basilica. The queue was too long and the sun was shiny too brightly. So we decided to just sit around and crowd watch.
Was a waste we couldnt enter, i heard it is extremely beautiful inside!

We slowly made our way out of Vatican City. Google whats the next nearest attraction, and this appeared, was only a 5 mins walk away.

Castel Sant Angelo a.k.s as the Castle of the Holy Angel. Need to pay to go in, so we just admire the building from the outside and i heard it wasn't worth the money to pay to see the Castle's rooms.

That pretty much concludes our Day 1, we decided to take a stroll back to our hotel instead of taking the bus. Had a good walk.

Pass by a ruin on the way back to the hotel but forget what is this call already. LOL

and again, we passed by Palazzo Venezia. Had to stop to take this! We didnt cross the street to take a better look cause we knew we still have 4 more days ahead of us to do so. :)

Dinner was at 7PM and the restaurant wasn't even entirely open yet, we were her 1st customer! :)

The elderly lady couldn't speak English as well but she was nice! 

Shelley decided on a small bottle of wine while i went with beer. Had enough of wine this trip. 

Pasta was surprisingly very very good while pizza was just moderate.
A plate of past could easily cost us Euro 8, with MYR so weak during that time, it is equivalent to RM40 per plate. I was bleeding internally while eating in Rome the entire 4 days. 

We ended the night early. Got back to the hotel to shower and call it the night.

Signing off,
Samantha Tew